A totally integrated financial suite, designed from the ground up to fully address the needs of the SME sector.


Incorporating all of the standard functions such as General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors and Stock Control, mFin also has a full suite of software hooks to allow customisation and full integration with a comprehensive range of business solutions.

With the level of module integration provided in mFin, batch runs and end of day processing become a thing of the past and management has a real-time snapshot of the business profitability at any time. mFin can be your discrete financial system or seamlessly incorporated into the broader ERP functions that your specific business demands.

mFin is currently the financial engine for a broad range companies across wholesale and distribution, retail, warehousing, logistics and manufacturing, as well as specific vertical markets including vehicle rental and leasing, bookselling, clothing and footwear.

mFin is unique in that any tailoring that may be required to meet your specific business needs can be undertaken with development, installation and support all being provided locally – something that very few other software vendors can offer.



  • Maintain full inventory information
  • Keep detailed notes on specific inventory records
  • Record up to eight price scales per inventory item
  • Maintain maximum, default, or no discount per inventory item
  • Manage ordering information
  • Review on hand, allocated, on lay-by, on approval, on return, on consignment quantities at a glance
  • Easy and efficient review of all inventory transactions, sales, purchases, adjustments, allocations, as well as on-order information with both customers and suppliers
  • Quickly and easily determine whether stock of a particular inventory item is available elsewhere


  • Handle order creation with ease
  • Generate delivery records directly from orders
  • Produce invoices directly from orders or deliveries
  • Process returns manually or based on deliveries
  • Generate credits manually or based on invoices
  • Maintain and process standing orders
  • Allocate stock against client orders
  • Review and adjust stock allocation as required
  • Receipt customer payments against client balance, specific invoices, or even partial invoice
  • Maintain general customer records
  • Maintain multiple addresses, contacts and interests per customer record
  • Place a customer account on “stop lay-bys”, “stop orders”, “stop deliveries” and “stop invoices”
  • Review financial details at a glance
  • Review financial transactions including outstanding invoices, deliveries, allocated stock and completed transactions, with drill through to details
  • Review month-by-month sales figures and produce graphs


  • Generate supplier orders from draft orders
  • Generate supplier orders based on replenishment rules by review period, date range, or minimum quantity on hand
  • Receive stock for multiple orders concurrently
  • Receipt and invoice in a single step

… and a whole lot more including

  • Maintain a complete general ledger
  • Produce financial reports including P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Easily review general ledger transactions
  • Simple to use bank reconciliation interface
  • Extensive internet interface
  • Large number of functional, easy-to-read reports
  • Reports can be viewed on screen or printed
  • Reports can be exported to a large number of formats including Word and Excel in a single step
  • Generation of Electronic Payment Summary reporting to the Taxation Office
  • Great user access security features down to function level
  • Easily maintain Back Office configuration parameters including invoice messages, barcode label details, and over 80 other parameters.