Vertical or Horizontal Market (off-the-shelf) software solutions are available for just about every industry nowadays, and designed to suit as many situations as possible. In fact, we ourselves develop and market a number of them…

These solutions work extremely well in many instances, however may not be “exactly right” for the way your process works in your business. Particularly if you operate amidst significant competition in your market, it is likely that your organisation has developed unique business process strategies which are a part of the fabric of your business today.  We often find that even clients who implement one of our existing products, ask for some customisation to suit how they do certain things.

The modern and innovative software development techniques we employ, make the process of turning your ideas into real business management tools easy.  We work in close collaboration with you and your team to develop your solution quickly and accurately.  We engage with your business to fully understand the issues you are trying to resolve, or strategy/process you wish to implement. We can then provide an outline of the proposed solution, focusing on cost/benefit and risk analysis.  We have found that our iterative approach to development is both flexible and cost effective. Consequently, our methodology allows for the gradual integration of new software solutions, thus minimising the disruptive nature of implementation.  The measured addition of new features during the project lifecycle also affords you the opportunity to start benefiting from your investment as soon as possible.

Flexible software solutions make on-going enhancements far more viable. We understand that your business operates in a continually changing environment.  Therefore wherever possible, we aim to architect and develop software that is agile and better able to cope with change.


In summary, we will undertake:

  • A Business Study – we want to completely understand your business and the issues at hand.  This will generally form a Gap Analysis.
  • User Requirements – we spend time with the management team, as well as several key process staff in order to establish a complete set of requirements.
  • Software Architecture and Design – we define the parameters that will guide the development, select appropriate technology platforms, set out business processes and rules, and even build mock-ups of the user interface.
  • Application Development – this is a staged, and at times also iterative process.  Depending on the size and nature of the project, we prefer to engage with our clients regularly while development takes place.  This ensures that everyone is comfortable with the direction of the project.
  • Testing – we implement both off-site alpha testing and on-site beta testing practices.  The aim of course is to reduce the potential of errors after “going live”.
  • Implementation – coordinated project implementation ensuring minimal disruption to your operation.
  • Help Documentation – we encourage our clients to invest not only in the development of the software, but also the development of extensive documentation to support correct use of the software.
  • End-user Training – may include User Tutorials, group or even one-on-one training sessions.


Past Projects:

We have developed many software applications, ranging from simple web sites, to enterprise-wide systems.  These systems address the needs of SME’s or large national and multi-national clients across several offices.  We are equally able to build solutions that are heavily architecture to enable simultaneously accessing a centrally hosted solution, or in a decentralised fashion, using sophisticated data replication and consolidation techniques.  Some of our projects include:

  • Import and Distribution
  • Manufacture/Job Costing
  • Accounting, Payroll and Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Factory and Production Automation
  • E-commerce including integration with various payment systems