mBiblioFile is truly a revolution in bookshop computer systems – it embodies what bookshops, library suppliers and textbook retailers should expect and demand of a world-class management solution.

Designed from the ground up by listening to and working with many booksellers, mBiblioFile is the simplest, most functional bookselling automation tool on the market. mBiblioFile harnesses technologies such as Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL Server, giving you the power of a true Windows application and the access to the latest tools.

mBiblioFile is designed to address all the functions a bookseller needs to run their business. From POS to a fully functional accounting module to back office functions, including automating order delivery, inventory management and reporting, mBiblioFile is everything the bookseller should expect from their computer system.

mBiblioFile is available in several configurations, either as the full multi-user product with a complete accounting system at the back-end, or a compact single-user version using your existing accounting software.

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