Maintaining Book Lists

You can build your school customers’ booklists on screen as a mixture of subject headers, book and stationery titles, and free-form comments.  Book and stationery title details are extracted directly from mBiblioFile inventory, so no retyping is required. School levies, packing charges and government allowance may be included on a booklist as well as titles if required. There will normally be one booklist per school and year level but multiple booklists per year level are also catered for.

Picking and Packing

When you close off a booklist, ready for packing, the Progress Quantity Report tells you how many of each item are required for that booklist. The Student Invoice/Package Labels, on the other hand, tell you precisely what each student has ordered from that booklist. By using the Progress Quantity Report for picking and the Student Invoice/Package Label for packing, you have a self-checking process that ensures accuracy.

Entering Student Orders

Student order entry, by far the largest single job for a pre-pack educational bookseller, is fast and accurate. Typically, you will have gathered together a batch of student orders for a particular school and year level. On selection of the student order entry function, the corresponding booklist is loaded and any mandatory items automatically ordered. All you have to do is just point and click to select, in the simplest possible fashion.


Book Lists

  • Booklist inspection on screen, to make adjustments quickly and easily at any time
  • Easy to manage booklist status – avoid errors
  • Include freeform information
  • Apply school levies or other charges
  • Handle multiple booklists per year level
  • Copy booklists to save on data entry
  • Totally integrated order processing and inventory management
  • Orders can be sent via EDI
  • Estimate quantities of titles and stationery required based on enrollment and new / old / retained factors

Student Orders

  • Pre-pack and shop booklist sales
  • Lightening-fast entry of student orders
  • Student order inspection on screen
  • Simple picking and packing with progress quantity reporting
  • Easy tracking of “to-follows”
  • Simple to-follow fulfillment functionality
  • One-step invoicing including posting into separate school accounts
  • Calculate and report on student rebates (ETSS).

Reporting and Tracking

  • Booklist items report
  • Booklist price check
  • Booklist proof
  • Booklist usage summary
  • Booklist worksheets
  • Levies and allowances report
  • Order usage analysis report
  • Pre-pack status report
  • Progress quantity report
  • School invoice
  • Student invoice
  • Student order summary
  • To follows
  • To follows – reservation log
  • To follows – supplied

University Booksellers Benefits

mBibliofile has been designed to be customised to suit each individual university’s specific needs to ensure it manages the critical functions that are unique to each of our university clients.

With mBibliofile you can maintain details of lecturers, liaisons, courses, enrolment figures and book lists.  mBibliofile also has a powerful dispatch function which integrates with Toll Connect Connote or Australia Post’s eParcel online to ensure shipping of orders occurs seamlessly.

As semesters and years finish mbibliofile can finalise courses or roll them over into a new semester or a new year if required. This is an easy and efficient way to centralise, maintain and keep critical data at your finger tips.

mBibliofile has powerful searching capabilities which have been honed and developed to suit the extensive needs of our university bookstore clients. These are also available online where students can quickly and easily access the mandatory and recommended titles for their course. And yes, all the course information can be imported from the universities system to avoid the need to enter it manually into mBibliofile.

mBibliofile allows you to search by:

  • Lecturer
  • Course code
  • Course name

You can view course listings for selected text books.

And yes, if you are a general retail services provider to universities, mBibliofile is already being used successfully for Food & Beveridge outlets alongside textbooks outlets.