Stock Receipting

Stock receipting is simple and effective with mBiblioFile. Scan the titles corresponding to a supplier’s invoice and mBiblioFile will build the invoice on screen. You can instruct mBiblioFile to print barcode labels automatically for all titles that don’t have one or that don’t have an EAN (ISBN based) barcode label. You can even print your own barcode labels for all titles if you wish.

Push Button Accounting

mBiblioFile boasts a complete accounting system, from POS to BAS. Yes, it comes complete with accounts receivable, accounts payable, and a sophisticated yet easy to use general ledger module which will even produce your Business Activity Statement for you.

No more double keying of information into a separate accounting system – with mBiblioFile you enter once, and the information flows through automatically. This applies to receipting of stock from suppliers through to sales to customers, and all of the transactions in between. All point of sale transactions are reconciled and posted into the respective ledgers, maintaining tight inventory control and an accurate financial “picture” of your business.

Financials Feature List


  • Handle order creation with ease
  • Generate delivery records directly from orders
  • Produce invoices directly from orders or deliveries
  • Process returns manually or based on deliveries
  • Generate credits manually or based on invoices
  • Maintain and process standing orders
  • Manage frequent buyers points
  • Redeem frequent buyer points against an invoice or a voucher
  • Generate and sell own or third-party vouchers
  • Allocate stock against customer orders
  • Review and adjust stock allocation as required
  • Receipt customer payments against account balance, specific invoices, or even partial invoice
  • Maintain general customer records
  • Maintain multiple addresses, contacts and interests per customer record
  • Place a customer account on “stop lay-bys”, “stop orders”, “stop deliveries” and “stop invoices”
  • Review financial details at a glance
  • Review financial transactions including outstanding invoices, deliveries, allocated stock, completed transactions, etc, with drill through to details
  • Review month-by-month sales figures and even produce graphs



  • Generate supplier orders from draft orders
  • Generate supplier orders based on replenishment rules by review period, date range, or minimum quantity on hand
  • Receive stock for multiple orders concurrently
  • Generate claims and allocations on the fly
  • Receipt and invoice in a single step
  • Transmit order information directly to PACSTREAM
  • Maintain new release information



  • Maintain full inventory information
  • Keep detailed notes on specific inventory records
  • Record Illustrator and “blurb” as well as keep jacket images on file
  • Record up to 8 price scales per inventory item
  • Maintain maximum, default, or no discount per inventory item
  • Manage ordering information
  • Review on hand, allocated, on lay-by, on approval, on return, on consignment quantities at a glance
  • Easy and efficient review of all inventory transactions, sales, purchases, adjustments, allocations, as well as on order information with both customers and suppliers
  • Quickly and easily determine whether stock of a particular inventory item is available elsewhere
  • Maintain relationships between ISBN for titles with multiple ISBNS for hard cover, paperback, CD etc.


… and a whole lot more including

  • Maintain a complete general ledger
  • Produce financial reports including P&L, balance sheet, etc
  • Easily review general ledger transactions
  • Simple to use bank reconciliation interface
  • Extensive internet interface
  • Large number of functional, easy-to-read reports
  • Reports can be viewed on screen or printed
  • Reports can be exported to a large number of formats including Word and Excel in a single step
  • Simple payroll functionality including generation of pay slips and group certificates
  • Generation of Electronic Payment Summary reporting to the Taxation Office
  • Great user access security features down to function level
  • Easily maintain Back Office configuration parameters including invoice messages, frequent buyer points, barcode label details, and over 80 other parameters.