Powerful Point of Sale

Point of Sale that is simple, fast and powerful. Handles sales, credits, lay-bys, special orders and more at the touch of a button. Because we know that counter space is precious, all POS functions can be activated by either keyboard, mouse and yes, even touch-screen!

In fact, even simple things such as recording EFTPOS payments are now a breeze, with the ability to link a number of banks’ EFTPOS devices directly into your mBiblioFile system.

Customer Nurturing

Record everything about your customers, including exactly what you’ve promised, and when. Record their areas of interest, send them personalised letters telling about forthcoming titles they may be interested in, and keep them coming back!

Special Orders

Customer special orders may be taken directly at the Point of Sale. Orders can be met out of stock, left on back order or placed on order with suppliers. A single customer order can be a mixture of all three types, which can be manually controlled or run automatically, dependent on stock levels.

Feature List


  • Point of Sale that is simple, fast and powerful
  • Quick-scan for single quantity sales
  • Extensive stock searching functionality
  • lay-bys with payment tracking
  • Manage customer accounts
  • Transaction History
  • Sales Statistics
  • Product Statistics
  • Till Checks
  • ETSS rebates
  • Till-opens tracking
  • Stock transfers
  • Voucher creation and sales
  • Void sale at any point
  • Handle customer returns with ease
  • Suspend (“park”) sale
  • Discount any item or all
  • Delete any Item during a sale
  • Multiple methods of payment on one sale
  • Easy end-of-day balancing procedures
  • Reprint receipts
  • Stock take while trading


Customer Accounts

  • Easy-track by phone number
  • Frequent buyer facility for loyalty programs
  • Track interests by department and Category
  • View balances (with ageing)
  • Pay accounts
  • Place titles on approval
  • Maintain lay-bys
  • Produce quotes
  • Special orders



Stock Search

  • ISBN
  • Title (including any word search)
  • Author
  • Category
  • Department
  • Subject
  • Supplier
  • Barcode
  • Title Key
  • Extra Key
  • 321 Key
  • Quick info including quantities
  • View title history
  • View titles on approval
  • View titles on lay-by
  • View stock at other stores
  • One-click access to TitlePage status/availability information
  • Easily import from BookData Online