Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with a large number of organisations, ranging from micro-businesses, small and medium enterprises, large corporate, education and government sector clients.  As we have engaged in building software for such a broad spectrum of businesses, we have inevitably learned a lot about the way in which they operate – their processes, practices and even unique “language”.

In some cases, we learned so much about a particular industry that we were able to set out and develop a complete Vertical Market Solution.  At times, our clients also required Horizontal solutions – which ultimately resulted in the creation of mFIN (our accounting product) and mPOS (our retail point of sale solution).

Worx Software offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications that are designed to assist SMB enterprises in resource management. Through such applications, we are able to provide our clients with the tools needed to evaluate and support the operation of their business.  This enables our clients to reduce business costs and improve their business effectiveness.  ERP applications are able to meet the needs of many organisations from diverse vertical markets.

All of our Business Solutions form a suite of applications under the banner, signified by the “m” prefix to each of the product names. Our Business Solutions include:

  • mBiblioFile – Bookselling Vertical
  • mDrive – Vehicle Rental and Leasing Vertical
  • mFashion – Fashion Vertical
  • mFin – a complete Financials accounting suite
  • mPOS – Retail Point of Sale
  • mWorks – Service Workshops Vertical

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