After many years thinking they had no choice but to live with a substandard business solution, UCB found and quickly selected mBibliofile as a replacement.  They thereby moved to a totally integrated system to allow them to provide the best possible service to their University clients. This allows them to achieve higher than ever levels of satisfaction within the student ranks and ensure that students and lecturers alike are able to focus on the process of learning from the very first day of a semester – rather than having a large portion of the students still without their required textbooks.  All while minimising the cost of providing this service through the efficiencies provided by mBibliofile.

UCB chose to adopt the mFin financials package integrated with mBibliofile across multiple locations. They are also using the mBibliofile Web Module, and have engaged the services of a third party web design studio to tailor their web site content and look and feel while taking advantage of most of the features of our Web Engine module and it’s associated streamlined order fulfillment process.